These Apps for the Ladies

The Government has failed to see through the implementation of laws relating to the troublesome situation of the women in our country. Be it an issue of awareness, our safety, decent sanitation I think it’s best that the revolution come from the people themselves, and what better than the mighty smartphone to aid us in these troubling times. So we’re going to look today at some apps that will benefit women and men alike to build a better world.

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1. Eve Period Tracker and Sexual Health 

This wonderful app is available for free on the app store and the play store courtesy of Glow Inc. With an intuitive but simple interface, Eve helps you keep track of your menstrual cycle, sex health, ovulation period. In a society where talking about issues of sex, fertility, pregnancy still remains a taboo it provides you with a help center and a discussion forum where you can engage in a dialogue on a myriad of biological concerns with other Eve community members.


Download EVE for Android

Download EVE for iOS

2. Amazon, Nykaa, HealthKart, Google, ShyCart

Menstrual hygiene is a task that requires care and discretion. In a country where there are zero to no public toilets, an exorbitant amount of tax on sanitary products, a conscience built around baseless taboos there is a need to question such inhibitions and find alternatives to break free. Companies like Nykaa, Amazon, HealthKart and Google can help us cross this timid bridge with its obstructions since they give you access to a plethora of sanitary products. From condoms, sanitary pads, tampons to vibrating rings and directions to nearest public toilets are all at your fingertips. Some of them even deliver on the same day with prices that cut right through the Big Brother’s dictations. A special mention for ShyCart which, as their name suggests, provide complete privacy for those who still feel shy and awkward but are looking for a hassle free market for their needs. All of these apps are a search away on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.


3. SafetiPin, ICE Personal Safety

It is becoming difficult, day-after-day, for a majority of the population to comprehend the idea of ‘personal’. While there are unnecessary codes, diktat and restrictions to “curb” the problems that plague us, it should be known that any unwanted physical interaction can scar us both, mentally and physically. Lewd and  obscene remarks too can wreak a havoc on any individuals life. Unfortunately, authorities seem to care little to none about safety issues and especially less when it comes to women. The situation is so dire that intelligent people have to dedicate time to worry about such common problems but rightfully so, to instill some sense of hope among the troubled lot.
In a recent news, an MIT student has successfully managed to create a bluetooth sensor to detect and prevent sexual assault. It works as an alarm and sends text to your choice of contacts to alert them of your position. While the concept will take some time to materialize, we’re going to show you apps that can provide you with some much needed safety. These apps here can track, share, analyze your location and inform you if your current neighborhood is safe. They also include a database of nearby hospitals, police stations and Doctors to aid and assist you.


SafetiPin for Android

SafetiPin for iOS

ICE Contact for Android


Customize your phone like a pro (Android only)

Have you ever experienced monotony? You probably answered that in the positive. It comes in different forms. The monotony of work, student life, it could also be a result of peeking (hello moviegoers) into every smartphone screen ever and finding the same bland and boring home page, greeted with the same stock setting and color scheme like every other Samsung Apple smartphone. So today we’ll try to save you from it in the little way we can by using these apps to shift the tide, from a flat to shinier gradient one, at least somewhere in your life.

1. Zooper or KWGT Widgets

Like people, widgets too come in all shape and sizes only to make your world a better place. They provide you access to a larger structure by becoming an extension of it. From date, time, weather, most common apps, widgets can help you get things done easily and at the same time give your phone home screen a much needed makeover. There are a couple of widgets to choose from the play store. Some popular ones for Zooper are- Ocea, RL, Bear. You can also make some on your own with the available options inside the app but keep in mind that you need some good third-party launchers for this (Nova is best; especially with the new update). You can find screenshots to my home screen for a closer look at what widgets can do.

Download Zooper

Downlpad KWGT

Custom Collection of Widgets

2. Navbar Apps

Now this app is a personal favorite. To give your three soft buttons a touch of color and jazz, you need to download to know it. From theming your navbar to the opened app’s prominent color or colors of your choice to a music visualizer that you can throb to is all there in your navbar once you download navbar apps. This app is specially useful for people who are looking for a seamless color scheme across their devices (especially with amoled displays). Screenshots  below. Enjoy!

Download NavbarApps

3. Cornerfly

When all the rage in the world are curved displays, there is a fat chance that you must feel left out in a society which has begun to appreciate curves. Well, here it is folks-the cure for your FOMO syndrome (and yes, it’s Fear of Missing Out and not otherwise). Cornerfly gives your phone a subtle makeover which blows a breath a fresh air into your apps and home screen. With a nice curve around those edges your phone screen will be a masterpiece to marvel at, and with an added touch of a case you’re going to have a perfect handsome in your hands. You can change the curve area with a small in-app purchase but the stock setting is still a good look. Take a gander at the screenshots below (which don’t do the app justice) for comparison and get downloading! If you enjoyed reading this post please take a look at my other write-ups here.

Download Cornerfly

YouTube Videos in Background (iOS and Android)

There is never a dull moment once you set off on a quest to watch videos on a particular red and white themed website. For those who haven’t yet looked at the title or are unfamiliar with the theme – really? While it is easy to play any video on YouTube with the click of a button on the app, don’t you just hate it when you accidentally lock the screen or inadvertently press the homely Home button only to cringe and curse the damned world because your favorite video just quit on you? Don’t you wish you would’ve just saved it for later? Again, the whole cycle of jumping from one video to another begins until you finally give up and contemplate spending $10 on Red subscription which, as it turns out is unavailable in most countries.


Well, worry no more and turn that frown upside down because we have got some apps to sort you for good this time. These apps will not only solve your video backgrounding problem but also enable you to download your favorite videos from the app. Save on time and money…Ch-Ching!

1. YMusic and IYTB

Now many of us have that want of an open source platform which will give us access to an ample number of customizations and modifications Android is where it is peeps! The problem here though is that Google decided to take away the convenience from us in some way. Well, worry not folks because the these two apps here will make you feel almighty again.

The first app, YMusic, allows you to play your video’s audio (and audio only) in the background which saves data and money. Your favorite music chart busters can thump in your ear or in your car even if you lock your screen or decide to multitask. Not only this but it also allows you to download the audio at a decent 192kbps rate or a video in high quality. On a side note, go into settings of the app and uncheck “Only show music video” to enable all videos to show up in the search and play them via official YouTube app if you want.

Download YMusic

The next app, IYTB, is my favorite on the list. It works exactly like the original YouTube app but with the added benefit of allowing you to login into your account to find all the channels you’ve subscribed to and providing access to all your liked content. Simply download and install the two files in the link (3 if you have a Motorola) and go bananas. The app installs alongside the original YouTube app so please disable the original one or pretend that it doesn’t exist (like the most of us here are trying to). You can download the video and audio in any format of your choice. The developers have been kind to keep it simple and free so please give their post a thumbs up on their xda page linked below.

Download IYTB

Thumbs up for the xda post here

2. Bobby Music

So here’s the issue with iOS- there’s not a lot of room for modifications because of Apple’s closed knit system and for good reasons too. There are ways to ‘break’ free from these shackles but Apple has been successful in keeping it under control. But worry not you Fruit lovers cuz there’s something just for you that may just shift the tide around. Enter Bobby Music- an app, widely hunted by Apple in their app store, it allows you to download, watch, listen to your favorite YouTube videos, all in an easy to use interface. With an appealing UI, Bobby Music also gives access to latest and hottest songs on the Billboard charts with their current rankings right next to them. Just add your favorite song or video to your playlist to background or download them. A convenient button is also present in your now playing window to help you switch from audio only to video mode as well.
Do note that Apple is always on a spree to take down this app from the app store so grab it while you can.

Download Bobby from iTunes

Apps for Learning Words

Let’s start with what’s written here and in the title. What you read is enabling you to make a coherent image of the shenanigans that we’ll be engaging with. But an inclusion into this world begins with words that shape your interaction with adults as a child, your demands as a teenager, your opinion as a fuccha, your experience as an adult. But oh! What are words without their meanings and what is language without implication.

Today we’re going to look at some apps that will help you learn some new words and their meanings, some in an intuitive way and some plain janes which can help you become a literary success even.

1. Orphic

Now this one is relatively new. It’s actually in its testing phase in some way but boy do I use it daily. It’s got a simple interface with words and their meanings right in front of you as you open the app, presented to you in a simple card like format. Some words that you may have heard but completely forgotten about or a bunch of different ones you may have never heard of are present here to astonish you. Please do give it a try! Sorry you folks on iOS cuz right now this app is an Android exclusive (another win for the green bot)

2. Tinycards

Seeing that we have already fixed the Android peeps with something exclusive for them, let’s try and leave something only for the iOS users in the middle. And what we have for you is something really ‘flashy’. Most of you are familiar with the popular app Duolingo that, on a side note, is a wonderful app to learn phrases and words from other languages. The developers of the same came out with an app that combines the power of illustration with words – flashcards with pictures that will entertain, engage and interest you. From Academic to Pop Culture, there is plenty from Mythology to Pokemon names to Politics and with this app you can access anything you please.

3. Put your knowledge to test and gain some more when you watch TV shows, movies, subtitles etc. Not only will they contribute to your vocabulary but also help you with your day to day engagement with people and things. Carefully note the tones and expressions to become a better logophile. Some common apps that can help you cure your boredom and inspire you you learn at the same time are Netflix with their variety of shows and movies which break free from inhibitions, Amazon prime video which is relatively cheap in India with quality content added weekly. You can also find solace in animes and cartoons with Japanese language at their center but with subtitles in English that will keep you engaged with their myriad of themes from love, horror, passion, action, mystery and psychology which can be found on or

That’s it for today folks. I hope you find this blog useful and necessary. If it gets enough appreciation, I’ll be back with more interesting stuff every week that’s tech and lit.