These Apps for the Ladies

The Government has failed to see through the implementation of laws relating to the troublesome situation of the women in our country. Be it an issue of awareness, our safety, decent sanitation I think it’s best that the revolution come from the people themselves, and what better than the mighty smartphone to aid us in these troubling times. So we’re going to look today at some apps that will benefit women and men alike to build a better world.

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1. Eve Period Tracker and Sexual Health 

This wonderful app is available for free on the app store and the play store courtesy of Glow Inc. With an intuitive but simple interface, Eve helps you keep track of your menstrual cycle, sex health, ovulation period. In a society where talking about issues of sex, fertility, pregnancy still remains a taboo it provides you with a help center and a discussion forum where you can engage in a dialogue on a myriad of biological concerns with other Eve community members.


Download EVE for Android

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2. Amazon, Nykaa, HealthKart, Google, ShyCart

Menstrual hygiene is a task that requires care and discretion. In a country where there are zero to no public toilets, an exorbitant amount of tax on sanitary products, a conscience built around baseless taboos there is a need to question such inhibitions and find alternatives to break free. Companies like Nykaa, Amazon, HealthKart and Google can help us cross this timid bridge with its obstructions since they give you access to a plethora of sanitary products. From condoms, sanitary pads, tampons to vibrating rings and directions to nearest public toilets are all at your fingertips. Some of them even deliver on the same day with prices that cut right through the Big Brother’s dictations. A special mention for ShyCart which, as their name suggests, provide complete privacy for those who still feel shy and awkward but are looking for a hassle free market for their needs. All of these apps are a search away on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.


3. SafetiPin, ICE Personal Safety

It is becoming difficult, day-after-day, for a majority of the population to comprehend the idea of ‘personal’. While there are unnecessary codes, diktat and restrictions to “curb” the problems that plague us, it should be known that any unwanted physical interaction can scar us both, mentally and physically. Lewd and  obscene remarks too can wreak a havoc on any individuals life. Unfortunately, authorities seem to care little to none about safety issues and especially less when it comes to women. The situation is so dire that intelligent people have to dedicate time to worry about such common problems but rightfully so, to instill some sense of hope among the troubled lot.
In a recent news, an MIT student has successfully managed to create a bluetooth sensor to detect and prevent sexual assault. It works as an alarm and sends text to your choice of contacts to alert them of your position. While the concept will take some time to materialize, we’re going to show you apps that can provide you with some much needed safety. These apps here can track, share, analyze your location and inform you if your current neighborhood is safe. They also include a database of nearby hospitals, police stations and Doctors to aid and assist you.


SafetiPin for Android

SafetiPin for iOS

ICE Contact for Android


Best Free VPN/ Access Restricted Content (iOS or Android)

If you have ever received the message “Your requested URL has been blocked” or that “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” or have been subjected to incessant advertisements based on the last search made then you have come to the right place. We’ll tell you all about the best free VPN services to solve your woes.


So here’s the problem with VPN’s – most of them are costly but provide good security and  the free ones are slow and filled with advertisements. The larger issue behind the rationale of using a virtual private network stems from suspicion and frustration, both operating in a kind of partnership. Suspicion that what you do may be used against you and frustration of not being able to watch or read what you want when you want. I remember the last time I paid my internet bill there were no conditionals that were mentioned regarding curated content. Making documentaries on national issues inaccessible, inhibiting us from laughing to performances on Whose Line Is It Anyway or watching our favorite celebrities getting dissed on Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets or even “protecting” us from innocent, vernacular vocabulary in shows such as Friends (Why? Just why would you mute ‘sex’ of all the things?)
While Amazon and Netflix are constantly working towards filling these potholes and specially in India, there is still a lot of ground to cover in a short time which may be possible but only in a distant future.

So here’s it people- the only way to access made unavailable content, the best VPN apps on Android and iOS with their download links below.

1. Yoga VPN

Yes, you read that right. All the world’s rage now- Yoga is here to cure all your digital ailments and to nourish your mind and  geek soul. This flexible VPN is free and only requires you to press a button to access your favorite online content from anywhere. The best thing about it is that there are no in-app purchases and the speeds are astonishing. To start you off, the app gives you some points of which, 1200 are spent every time you connect to a server. You can easily get points every minute by clicking the ‘tap to get points’ button for free and yes, it’s that easy.
The app is available on both iOS and Android to keep every user connected.


Download Yoga for iOS

Download Yoga for Android

2. Opera VPN

Now Opera delivers a fantastic service. Bypass censorship and take a detour from unnecessary restrictions to access what you want on the web. Another benefit of this VPN is that it gives you a free analysis of your WiFi connection to determine its strength and security to keep you safe and connected but in a limited way. It is quick to start and provides fast speed even when you are streaming, let’s say a movie or a show. For people who hate ads (ouch!) it also includes a free ad blocker to kick content makers right in the shin (please don’t use it).


Download Opera for iOS

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