Customize your phone like a pro (Android only)

Have you ever experienced monotony? You probably answered that in the positive. It comes in different forms. The monotony of work, student life, it could also be a result of peeking (hello moviegoers) into every smartphone screen ever and finding the same bland and boring home page, greeted with the same stock setting and color scheme like every other Samsung Apple smartphone. So today we’ll try to save you from it in the little way we can by using these apps to shift the tide, from a flat to shinier gradient one, at least somewhere in your life.

1. Zooper or KWGT Widgets

Like people, widgets too come in all shape and sizes only to make your world a better place. They provide you access to a larger structure by becoming an extension of it. From date, time, weather, most common apps, widgets can help you get things done easily and at the same time give your phone home screen a much needed makeover. There are a couple of widgets to choose from the play store. Some popular ones for Zooper are- Ocea, RL, Bear. You can also make some on your own with the available options inside the app but keep in mind that you need some good third-party launchers for this (Nova is best; especially with the new update). You can find screenshots to my home screen for a closer look at what widgets can do.

Download Zooper

Downlpad KWGT

Custom Collection of Widgets

2. Navbar Apps

Now this app is a personal favorite. To give your three soft buttons a touch of color and jazz, you need to download to know it. From theming your navbar to the opened app’s prominent color or colors of your choice to a music visualizer that you can throb to is all there in your navbar once you download navbar apps. This app is specially useful for people who are looking for a seamless color scheme across their devices (especially with amoled displays). Screenshots  below. Enjoy!

Download NavbarApps

3. Cornerfly

When all the rage in the world are curved displays, there is a fat chance that you must feel left out in a society which has begun to appreciate curves. Well, here it is folks-the cure for your FOMO syndrome (and yes, it’s Fear of Missing Out and not otherwise). Cornerfly gives your phone a subtle makeover which blows a breath a fresh air into your apps and home screen. With a nice curve around those edges your phone screen will be a masterpiece to marvel at, and with an added touch of a case you’re going to have a perfect handsome in your hands. You can change the curve area with a small in-app purchase but the stock setting is still a good look. Take a gander at the screenshots below (which don’t do the app justice) for comparison and get downloading! If you enjoyed reading this post please take a look at my other write-ups here.

Download Cornerfly