Apps for Learning Words

Let’s start with what’s written here and in the title. What you read is enabling you to make a coherent image of the shenanigans that we’ll be engaging with. But an inclusion into this world begins with words that shape your interaction with adults as a child, your demands as a teenager, your opinion as a fuccha, your experience as an adult. But oh! What are words without their meanings and what is language without implication.

Today we’re going to look at some apps that will help you learn some new words and their meanings, some in an intuitive way and some plain janes which can help you become a literary success even.

1. Orphic

Now this one is relatively new. It’s actually in its testing phase in some way but boy do I use it daily. It’s got a simple interface with words and their meanings right in front of you as you open the app, presented to you in a simple card like format. Some words that you may have heard but completely forgotten about or a bunch of different ones you may have never heard of are present here to astonish you. Please do give it a try! Sorry you folks on iOS cuz right now this app is an Android exclusive (another win for the green bot)

2. Tinycards

Seeing that we have already fixed the Android peeps with something exclusive for them, let’s try and leave something only for the iOS users in the middle. And what we have for you is something really ‘flashy’. Most of you are familiar with the popular app Duolingo that, on a side note, is a wonderful app to learn phrases and words from other languages. The developers of the same came out with an app that combines the power of illustration with words – flashcards with pictures that will entertain, engage and interest you. From Academic to Pop Culture, there is plenty from Mythology to Pokemon names to Politics and with this app you can access anything you please.

3. Put your knowledge to test and gain some more when you watch TV shows, movies, subtitles etc. Not only will they contribute to your vocabulary but also help you with your day to day engagement with people and things. Carefully note the tones and expressions to become a better logophile. Some common apps that can help you cure your boredom and inspire you you learn at the same time are Netflix with their variety of shows and movies which break free from inhibitions, Amazon prime video which is relatively cheap in India with quality content added weekly. You can also find solace in animes and cartoons with Japanese language at their center but with subtitles in English that will keep you engaged with their myriad of themes from love, horror, passion, action, mystery and psychology which can be found on or

That’s it for today folks. I hope you find this blog useful and necessary. If it gets enough appreciation, I’ll be back with more interesting stuff every week that’s tech and lit.